CNN's Brooke Baldwin has Bank on again to get the latest updates on Stone's limbo between prison and pardon.



Bank is back on CBS with Vlad Duthiers and Anne-Marie Greene to talk about Stone's life and possible three year sentence.


After Roger Stone's sentencing, CNN's Brooke Baldwin has Dylan back on air to discuss whether or not Stone is preparing for prison - his answer leaves her in stitches.


CNN's Smerconish has Dylan back on air to discuss Roger Stone's guilty verdict, and his public pleas to Donald Trump for a pardon.


The Washington Post publishes and Op-Ed by "Get Me Roger Stone" directors Morgan Pehme, Dan DiMauro and Dylan Bank about the reasons behind Roger Stone's recent guilty verdict.


Dylan's seventh film, "Price For Freedom", which he directed, co-wrote and co-edited, is released internationally. Starring Paul Sorvino, Navid Negahban, Sally Kirkland and Ken Davidian, it tells the jaw-dropping true story of a Jewish man's journey to escape the Iranian revolution in the late 1970s.


The NY Daily News's Harry Siegel discusses filming with Dylan on "Get Me Roger Stone", and Stone's possible involvement in "deep fakes" -  7/16/2019

PC Mag's Eric Griffith named "Get Me Roger Stone" one of the 19 best docs on Netflix -  6/2/2019

"Get Me Roger Stone" makes the top ten list of best docs on Netflix for -  5/15/2019

Reelscreen's Selina Chignall talks with Dylan Bank and other top documentarians about their experiences on set with their subjects -  5/2/2019

Dylan Bank travels to Shanghai, China, on a shoot for the new Infiniti QX  4/18/2019

Dylan edited the NBC short film "Trapped In Tijuana" for Emmy-Winning Director Mariana Keller Henninger. Watch it here:  3/18/2019

Dylan Bank just won "Best Cinematography" at the Darbhanga Film Festival in India for his work on the comedy/mystery "One Two, Guess Who's Who", directed by System. 2/25/2019

Dylan and his co-directors appear on the WNYC radio program "All Of It: With Alison Stewart" to talk all things Stone -  2/11/2019

Dylan Bank appears as a guest on MSNBC's Kendis Gibson show to talk about his Netflix Film, "Get Me Roger Stone". 2/3/19

MSNBC's Ali Velshi interviews Dylan Bank and Co-director Dan Dimauro about his Netflix Film, "Get Me Roger Stone". 1/29/19 

MSNBC's Richard Lui interviews Dylan Bank about his Netflix Film, "Get Me Roger Stone". 1/26/19.

BBC's interviews Dylan Bank about the Muller investigation and Roger Stone's arrest.

CNN's Smerconish interviews Dylan Bank about Roger Stone's recent arrest. 1/26/19.

"Scavenger Killers" and "Bleeding Hearts" are now available on the hit streaming service ScreamBox. 10/4/18

Roku's new "Terror TV Channel" launches with "Scavenger Killers" and "Bleeding Hearts" as part of their introductory slate. 9/1/18

CNN's Ana Cabrera interviews Dylan Bank about "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis, Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation on 8/11/18

CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews Dylan Bank about "Manhattan Madam" Kristin Davis, Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation on 8/3/18

CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviews Dylan Bank about Roger Stone and the Mueller investigation on 5/21/18

Bank releases a new Music Video, "In The Building" by Mike Flowerz:

WINNER: BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY for his work on the new comedy/thriller, One, Two, Guess Who's Who, at the Creation International Film Festival in Canada. 2/18/2018

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER interviews the directors of GET ME ROGER STONE on what it was like filming the man behind Trump's presidential aspirations. 11/30/2017


December 13th, 2017

Lefont Theater in Atlanta, GA.

DEADLINE.COM interviews the directors of GET ME ROGER STONE at LA screening. 12/2/2017

GET ME ROGER STONE directors interviewed on CBS about the current twists and turns of the investigation by Robert Mueller into election meddling by Russia. 10/31/2017

MSNBC's Joy Reid interviews the GET ME ROGER STONE directors again on the latests events with the Russian investigation into election meddling. 11/4/2017

GET ME ROGER STONE filmmakers appear on AMJOY on MSNBC to discuss their Tribeca premiere and Roger Stone's powerful influence on President Donald Trump. 7/2/17